) Cheking site speed and perfomance | Sitespeed.me

check availability and site load speed from all over the world

  • What is the websites’ uptime?

    We check the availability and performance of your website from various parts of the globe.

  • How fast is your website?

    The tool is created to determine the speed of loading pages and helps to identify the “weaknesses” of the website. your customers will be grateful.

  • What is dns resolution time?

    With Sitespeed you can easily, quick and without any additional setting check the DNS resolve time.

  • Global variety of locations

    We use resources of more than 20 location from more than 10 countries all over the world for monitoring and verifying your website.

  • Free of charge

    The service is completely free of charge so each and every hosting company is welcome to join the project via filling the contact form.